8 Reasons You Should Choose Physiotherapy for Your Recovery

Why Choose Physiotherapy

8 Reasons You Should Choose Physiotherapy for Your Recovery

When you’re injured or subjected to a surgery or condition that greatly impacts your ability to live normally, life kind of loses its spark for a while. Whether you’re in a lot of pain, or you simply can’t make your body keep up with your lifestyle, it’s never a positive experience. You want to get past that period as fast as possible without worrying about further issues developing.


For many, the first course of action is to take medications that vary in effectiveness and risk, rely on procedures that can have their negative side effects, and more, but there’s another option.


In many circumstances, physiotherapy is a great way to boost your recovery and help you reclaim your life.


Today, we’re going to go over 8 reasons why you should choose physiotherapy whether you’re dealing with injuries, the effects of advanced age, conditions, surgery recoveries, and more.



1: Avoid Unnecessary Medications


Medications are extremely helpful, and in many cases, they are necessary to help with the healing process. So, we’re not telling you to ignore all your prescriptions and only try physiotherapy. In some cases, that can be dangerous.


However, there is a modern trend where medications are used for problems, they’re really not necessary for, and beyond having immediate negative side effects, they can also lead to issues such as addiction and future drug abuse. This is a major part of the modern opioid epidemic.


Physiotherapy can provide you with targeted, natural, healing by helping your body rebuild itself essentially. In cases where medication is optional, or you’re able to go without it but still need to focus on healing, physiotherapy can help you get through your recovery quickly without going down the medicinal rabbit hole.



2: Get Off Dangerous Medications Faster


Physiotherapy isn’t magic. Pain doesn’t just disappear when you start physiotherapy, and you might still need to use prescribed medications while you’re recovering to mask the pain or symptoms of your injury or illness. However, that’s what they’re typically doing. Masking the symptoms.


Physiotherapy has you work with trained professionals to target the root cause of the problem and treat it directly via movement triggering your body’s natural healing response. So, even if you need to be on a particularly risky medication, you can deal with the core problem faster and end your dependency on the medication before it becomes an entirely different issue.


In fact, this is where many medicine-related problems start. The medicine works well, but because the root problem isn’t resolved, patients stay on medications longer than they need to and build a dependency.



3: Safe Recovery from Major Surgeries


After many types of surgeries, it’s not safe for you to start a normal fitness regimen for a while. You can’t have heart surgery or a knee transplant and immediately hit the gym the next day. However, you don’t want to just sit around resting for months, either.


Your muscles will degenerate, and you’ll have a massive hill to climb in terms of getting back into good shape and enjoying life.


Physiotherapy can be a great way to maintain your body during that period while a trained professional ensures you do it in a safe manner.


Physiotherapist working with patient in clinic



4: Prevent the Worsening of Existing Conditions


Some conditions, such as musculoskeletal diseases, can continuously degenerate your body throughout your lifetime. They’re not entirely curable, but physiotherapy can help prevent such conditions from getting worse, slow them down, and generally help you live a more mobile and active life for far longer than you would if you just let it progress without intervention.



5: Deal with the Effects of Old Age


We all get old, and unfortunately, age does tend to take its toll on our bodies at a certain point. Physiotherapy can help you maximize your physical potential in old age by keeping your body in peak shape and strengthening it to prevent injuries or degradation that prevent you from moving as well as you used to.


This type of therapy can help older people maintain their balance to avoid falls, help prevent serious injuries from occurring when they do fall, and help them keep their stamina well into their advanced years.



6: Prevent Future Injuries


In the same way, physiotherapy can help prevent older people from suffering severe injuries when they fall, it can also help athletes or other very active people from experiencing as many injuries in their day-to-day activities.


Since physiotherapy helps with so many aspects of physical health, it helps active individuals build their body’s resistance to injuries so they can take the abuse and keep going instead of constantly being injured doing what they love.



7: Better Flexibility and Posture


Flexibility and posture are two key factors in one’s physical health and maintaining one’s physical health, but many people lack one or the other.


Posture affects many different aspects of life. Poor posture can lead to back problems, more frequent injuries when lifting heavy loads or moving certain ways, and various other issues with serious consequences in the long term.


Flexibility helps you manipulate your body more effectively, and it reduces the chance of you dealing with an injury since your joints are able to move far more easily than they would if you weren’t flexible.


Both of these are core parts of most physiotherapy treatments.



8: Learn to Work with Knee and Hip Replacements


Getting a knee or hip replacement can be both a great experience and a negative one. It’s great because you get to move past the problems you had, but it also requires you to learn to move effectively again with a foreign object in your body. That’s not as easy as it sounds.


Physiotherapy can help you prepare for that pre-operation, and it can help you adjust to it after you’ve had the operation and are getting through that initial awkward period.



Physiotherapist working with patient’s knee



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If you need help strengthening your body, recovering from an injury or surgery, or just adjusting to changes in your body due to age or joint replacements, you should choose physiotherapy.


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