6 Amazing Benefits of Physiotherapy

6 Amazing Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, or physical therapy as you have probably heard it called, is a special type of treatment designed to help you regain control of your movement, muscles, and more after an injury, surgery, or similar event. However, it’s often used to help athletes recover faster or improve their performance as well.
Due to its highly flexible nature, physiotherapy offers a broad spectrum of applications, leading to six key benefits of physiotherapy that are commonly experienced regardless of the specific reason for seeking treatment.

1: Pain Reduction


This is one of the main reasons an average patient is prescribed or seeks out physiotherapy. It can help reduce the inflammation that causes the majority of pain.

2: Improved Strength, Coordination, and Flexibility

Whether you’re an athlete who wants to improve your physical condition, or you were recently injured and need to build up your body again, physiotherapy helps.
Physiotherapy primarily focuses on building strength, coordination, and flexibility.

3: Prevent Injuries


This is beneficial for everyone, but it’s particularly useful for those who are likely to sustain repeated injuries. Namely, athletes and the elderly benefit from this the most. Accidents become more likely as you age, and athletes are always at a higher risk of injury than the average person.
Since physiotherapy increases your overall physical health and control of your body, you become a lot more resilient against future injuries. You can obviously still get hurt, but it will take more serious accidents to hurt you the same way you would get injured before physical therapy treatments.

4: Reducing Opioid Dependency


Opioid abuse is one of the most serious problems impacting the US today. Sadly, many opioid users don’t start as addicts. They get injured, they’re prescribed opioids for the pain they experience, and then they get addicted. This can lead to life-long problems with addiction and can often be deadly. So, it’s best to avoid using any opioids whenever possible.
Since physiotherapy reduces pain naturally via targeted movements and treatments, many patients are able to avoid, or lessen, the use of opioids to manage the pain.

5: Recover Faster


Most patients first engage with a physiotherapy solution because they’re told to by a doctor in an effort to recover from an injury, illness, or neurological condition. This is because physiotherapy helps you recover faster.
The degree of recovery experienced is obviously based on the extent of the injury and the commitment of both the patient and treatment team, but it is far faster than if you were to lay in bed until your body heals itself naturally.

6: Customized Care


Finally, your care is customized. You have input for what you’re going to do, and you get to help set goals.
When you’re treating an injury, it’s best to let the treatment team plan your goals and care solutions, but voluntary treatment such as what athletes often seek out is fully customizable.

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