Top 8 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes

A man undergoing physical therapy for athletes.

Top 8 Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes

Physical therapy is often looked at as something that’s only worthwhile when you’re recovering from a major injury. While it is used for that very commonly, there are also several other reasons you might need to consider physical therapy, and they’re not always injury-related. This is especially true for athletes. Physical therapy might be a game-changer for your career if you’re an athletic individual. Here are 8 benefits of physical therapy for athletes to give you more of an understanding of what you’re missing out on. Let’s dive in!


1: Performance Enhancement


Physical therapy can provide a substantial benefit to your training efforts. While you likely have athletic coaches guiding you through fitness routines, those are targeted specifically to make you more effective in the sport you’re participating in.


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Physical therapy focuses on a well-rounded approach to wellness where experts gauge your health needs in various areas, identify weak points you might not even be aware of, and then leverage unique, proven, exercises to strengthen those weaknesses for better overall health. This supplements the training you’re already doing to increase your speed, agility, and strength in ways you otherwise wouldn’t even know was possible.


2: Lowered Inflammation


Inflammation is a major problem for nearly every athlete. With the sheer amount of rough physical activity you’re doing, it’s a certainty that you’ll deal with inflammation far more often than the average person. Inflammation is not only uncomfortable and bad for your performance, but it can also lead to you getting injured more often. Anything that lowers your mobility or makes it uncomfortable to perform at your highest capability can lead to accidents on the field that turn into major injuries. Luckily, one of the core focuses of physical therapy for athletes is reducing inflammation since it’s a major part of pain relief. We can teach you exercise to incorporate into your daily training routine to lower inflammation, give you dietary guidance, and provide you with services designed to lower inflammation and keep you in peak shape.


3: Pain Reduction


This often has to do with the inflammation that we talked about, but that’s not always the case. Even if your pain comes from a strained ligament or muscle, or even if you have an old injury that flares up under certain conditions, physical therapy can help. Often, those persistent sources of pain can be dealt with by simply using targeted stretches to work the affected body part and help initiate its natural healing process.


4: Less Dependency on Medication


Medications can be extremely useful, and following a doctor’s orders is always crucial, but a common issue with athletes is an over-dependency on medications due to the persistent pain and fatigue that can come with such an athletic lifestyle. This sort of dependency can have negative side effects that not only impact your sport but can also spill over into other aspects of your everyday life. Since so much of physical therapy focuses on pain prevention and relief, it often removes the need for consistent medication usage. This lowers the chances of dependency and allows you to live a more naturally active life.


5: Increased Balance


One of the most common uses for various types of physical therapy outside of treating injuries or helping athletes is to help people struggling with balance-related challenges. Usually, this includes the elderly, disabled, and those who have suffered traumatic, life-changing injuries, but it can also be extremely beneficial to athletes. While you’re training to be explosive on the field, you might not focus on maintaining your sense of balance as well. This can be an issue because it makes you more likely to injure yourself or underperform. Balance-related physical therapy exercises can take care of that.


6: Dietary Guidance


What you put in your body affects everything you do. It can increase inflammation which makes it more difficult to perform at your best, decrease the effectiveness of your training, and leave you drained during the worst moments. Hopefully, you’ve developed a diet that helps with your athletic performance already, but the benefit of physical therapy for athletes is that it can help you withdietary guidance that helps you avoid common pitfalls, as well.


7: Injury Prevention


Injuries happen in sports, and it’s unlikely that you’ll go your entire lifetime without experiencing a relatively severe injury. However, physical therapy can prevent you from experiencing injuries as often. This is mostly due to the overall focus on wellness, flexibility, balance, and creating a healthy body that functions properly. In many ways, physical therapy can mean the difference between a slip on the field being a minor inconvenience and some bench time, or a traumatic event requiring extensive downtime.


8: Faster Recovery


When you do get hurt, there are several issues you have to deal with. First, you’re taken off the field and unable to perform until you’re patched up and ready to do so safely. Then, even your personal life is affected, because, despite the time off from your sport, you’re still not in good enough shape to properly enjoy life.


A man enjoying the benefits of physical therapy for athletes.


Beyond that, you also have to consider that injuries tend to snowball. Having to sit on the sidelines for weeks, or even months, leads to physical decline that lowers your overall ability to perform when you do get to go back to doing what you love. The longer you’re out, the worse it gets. Physical therapy is most commonly used to help people from all walks of life, not just athletes, to recover from their injuries and regain the physical capabilities they had before the injury occurred. You can not only get back on your feet faster and back to enjoying life, but you can do so while maintaining as much of your physical capabilities and overall health as possible so your return is a great one.


Where to Get Physical Therapy Services for Athletes


After exploring these benefits of physical therapy for athletes, it’s time for you to find the perfect clinic that can meet your needs. Whether you’re trying to recover from a complicated injury as fast as possible, or you simply want to increase your level of wellness to be a more well-rounded athlete, Expert Manual Therapy can help. Our manual therapy clinic in Austin has experienced staff who can help you with everything we’ve discussed here and more with precision-targeted treatment solutions.Get in touch with us today.

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